The Decolorization of Crystal VioletThe Decolorization of Crystal Violet

The Decolorization of Crystal Violet

Crystal violet is a chemical compound that appears to be a greenish-yellow powder, but when mixed with water it turns brilliant violet. How is this possible? License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at (Visited 63 times, 1 visits today) No related posts.
RILCS 2012 Showcase – Student SpeakersRILCS 2012 Showcase – Student Speakers

RILCS 2012 Showcase – Student Speakers

The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools (RILCS) held their 6th Annual Showcase on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at the Rhode Island State House. As part of the speaking program, a representative from each of the 15 member schools told attendees what being a part of a charter public school means to them. For more […]


It takes 1000 years or more to break down plastic when we throw it away. What if we could engineer new plastics that can break down more easily? Try making your own vegetable-based plastic. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at (Visited 53 times, 1 visits today) No related posts.
Stand With Science 2.0Stand With Science 2.0

Stand With Science 2.0

Visit We encourage everyone–grad students, former grad students, and all other supporters of science–to sign the letter. Tell Congress how important it is to choose cuts carefully and avoid ruining our future while attempting to save it. (Visited 39 times, 1 visits today) No related posts.
2009-12-07 MIT Rocket Class V10.m4v2009-12-07 MIT Rocket Class V10.m4v

2009-12-07 MIT Rocket Class V10.m4v

A fast-paced look at the Bernard M. Gordon MIT Engineering Leadership Program. Specifically, we look at one of the Engineering Leadership Labs that are part of the “Gordon Engineering Leader” (GEL) program, which is an intensive, two-year leadership immersion program for juniors and seniors in all disciplines of the MIT School of Engineering. In this […]