John Arnott

John and Carol Arnott are the Founding Pastors of Catch The Fire (formerly known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) and overseers of the Partners in Harvest Network of Churches.

As international speakers, John and Carol have become known for their ministry of Revival in the context of the Father’s saving and restoring Love, As the Holy Spirit moves with signs and wonders, they have seen millions of lives touched and changed through God’s power and Christ’s love. (from

The “Toronto Blessing,” initially controversial, as are all genuine moves of the Holy Spirit have been in church history, Christianity Today recently reported:

Nearly 20 years later, Beverley [a former critic] strikes a more appreciative tone, emphasizing the positive and lasting impacts of the revival. “Whatever the weaknesses are, they are more than compensated for by thousands and thousands of people having had tremendous encounters with God, receiving inner healings, and being renewed.”

For more on the signs of true revival, see The Distinguishing Marks by Jonathan Edwards .

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